Two Stage Dust Collector


Product Description:

The two-stage dust collector all the features in a compact size. A side from the cleaner operation of a two-stage system. Dust collector with 2- stage filtration system. Central inlet with velocity reducer. Fully automatic filter cleaning. Can easily be equipped with a great variety of filter materials, bins, emptying systems, explosion relief panels etc.  dust collector with automatic cleaning, individual filter bags are overlaid on a metal cage. The dirty air enters the Bag house and is forced through the filter bags after which the clean air exits.

A timer signals a solenoid valve to start the cleaning when it detects a drop in performance due to build up on the filter or the cleaning cycle is run on a regular periodic basis. Cleaning the filter is done by short bursts of compressed air being fired down through the filter bags. This air burst causes the dust cake to disintegrate and fall so it can be collected. Determining the filter material is an important part of bag house design, as it determines the life and effectiveness of the filter bag. The type of fabric used depends on many factors including volume of dust, size of dust, moisture content etc.

Two stage dust collector is high level performance carry to a low to high load of motor power 1 hp to 10 hp. It is a handle up to 500cfm-8000cfm airflow rating. 14” inch steel impeller create a high vacuum to make a great sucking performance on the blower. Two stage dust collector design a two type of style like a bag and canister used in high efficiency up to 5 micron. It is a neat and humble so don’t make a nuisance noise in work plant. It is noise level 69db-80db level. Blower create a high and compactable static pressure value is 6.5 inch to 20 inches. High air velocity (CFM) design stands up to any competitive specifications. A TEFC enclosure on a motor means "Totally Enclosed, Fan Cooled".

This motor is probably the most commonly used motor in ordinary industrial environments. It costs only a few dollars more than the open motor, yet offers good protection against common hazards. Dust collector have a collection bag capacity up to 450 gallon capacity so lots of dust particles stored in a tank not pollute the atmosphere and work plant. An optional remote control is radio frequency so there is no need for line of sight to turn the machine on and off.

Technical Specifications & Additional Information:

Extended working life

Affordable price range

Wide Variety

Low Noise Level

Welding fume

Scrap material


Activated Carbon


Wood working dust



All Apzem Products are designed to comply with ACGIH and OSHA standards as well as local PCB Standards.

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All Apzem Products are minimum one year waranted for performance and quality.

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