Apzem Dust Collector

Apzem Dust Collector have been used for industrial dust collection by providing a full range of solution for nuisance dust to large heavy dust loads from the airstreams. We offer high quality range of industrial dust collector, dust collection system, and industrial dust collectors. We custom design ,manufacturer all types of dust collector such as single stage dust collector, cartridge dust collector, cyclone dust collector etc.. with our high quality production facility and diligent team of professionals, we offer efficient dust extraction and air cleaning solution for a various sections like grinding,drilling,blending,food processing, agricultures ,cement industries, rolling etc.. for removing all impurities in the airstreams. No matter how large or small your dust control problem, we can provide the accurate solutioneffectively,quickly, and economically. Our products ensure pollution free environments at lower energy consumption, clean easier and cost effective and efficient. Our products can be customized as per working specifications. Feel free to call us @044-42879231/09789066648 or send enquiry. Request For Quote

About Our Dust Collector


Dust collector are ideally suited to capture dust particles that are heavy or more difficult to remove, the dust filled in the air stream passes through filter bags that filter the dust particles. In addition ,large dust and grain loading periodically removed and the Fine dust passes upward through single large orifice and is finally collected by filter bags. We have various types of dust collectors that efficiently treat different types of air pollution. Our advanced systems are capable of capturing the dust and provide a dust free environment. These can be easily installed, low maintenance and easy operation. Further, these are offered at economical prices to the clients. Some Special feature of our industrial dust collector have strong suction capacity ,compact size and running in a very low noise level.

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