Portable Dust Collector


Product Description:

A modest, portable dust collector can do a good job provided you fit it with an effective filter and don't treat it like a true central dust-collection system with long runs of ductwork. To be effective, a portable dust collector must move air fast enough to transport big chips, shavings, and dust, move enough air to capture all the waste that woodworking machinery generates, and trap even the finest dust particles. But without a first-class filter, a dust collector becomes a dust-recirculating pump, discharge contaminated air throughout the shop. Airborne contaminants produced during manufacturing and processing applications are not always effectively collected with ambient dust collector systems. Portable dust collector filtration 3 stage process have primary spark trap , gold cone hemi pleat and carbon after filter.

The Airflow Systems line of portable dust collectors deliver up to 5000 CFM of source collection power anywhere it's needed on the shop floor. the power rating consumptions 1 hp to 5 hp are available. These portable dust collectors offer multiple filter options, including: aluminium mesh pre-filters, high-pressure polyester bag filters, and cartridge filters for collection of contaminants from mist and fumes to dust and smoke. This portable dust collector is designed as a cost-effective, highly efficient, alternative solution for filtering dusts, fume, smoke, gasses, and vapours. An optional remote control is radio frequency so there is no need for line of sight to turn the machine on and off.

Technical Specifications & Additional Information:

High reliability, low maintenance.

Eliminates contaminant bypass of filters.

 Low centre of gravity for easy manoeuvrability and arm positioning.

Cleans filters 75% more effectively than reverse pulse systems.

High Flow Extractor Arm, blower, and filter cartridge.

Operation controls conveniently located on the extraction arm hood.

Heavy duty ball bearing casters.

Mobility option available

Remote control system

Laser process




Cutting , joining and finishing operations

Alternative solution for filtering dusts, fume, smoke, gasses, and vapours.

All Apzem Products are designed to comply with ACGIH and OSHA standards as well as local PCB Standards.

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All Apzem Products are minimum one year waranted for performance and quality.

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