Wet Type Dust Collector

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Product Description:

Wet type dust collector are designed to more efficient, cost effective control, all flammable and non-flammable metal dust contaminants generated from a variety of manufacturing and process applications . The wet type dust collector will help with compliance to local OSHA and NFPA regulations by drawing contaminants away from the operator’s breathing zone and reducing the flammability concerns with metals such as aluminium, titanium and magnesium. Direct drive blower and TEFC motor installed, auto water level control with low level shutoff and a factory pre-wired control panel. Wet type dust collector are working process for the capture of wettable and sinkable particles. This systems Five stage filtration system. First step goes to striking the turbulent water surface in the water tank section of the machine. Second process passing through a vertical water circulation. Third stage scrubbed though a water falls on cone walls, fourth step before the passing through a horizontal water circulation, finally buffeted through the moisture separator section before fan entry and exhaust out of the machine.

Wet-type dust collector can handle up to 500cfm to 8000cfm and comes in six models . the power rating consumptions 1 hp to 15 hp are available. Blower is specially design a aluminium and steel impeller to create a high level vacuum and sucking capacity. quick to install and easy to operate. Special design dust collector hook up to 1 to 10 machines at a time. Blower design is 4 castors for manoeuvrability and total portability and permanently lubricated, fully enclosed, fan-cooled motors for continuous duty. High air velocity (CFM) design stands up to any competitive specifications. compact design to make a low noise level 60db to 80db only. Blower create a high and compactable static pressure value is 6.5 inch to 20 inches. An optional remote control is radio frequency so there is no need for line of sight to turn the machine on and off. Our systems meet or exceed government regulations for air quality and safety.

Technical Specifications & Additional Information:

Low maintenance

High efficiency

Installation is simple

Compact design requires minimum

Reduced filter replacement cost

Integral high efficiency fan assemblies

Float type mechanical water level control

TEFC motor

Remote control system.

Solid welded heavy sheet construction

Heavy concentrations



Dry buffing

Metal finishing

Food processing

Pharmaceutical process

Bio-medical manufacturing

Metal spraying

Shot penning and sand blasting.

All Apzem Products are designed to comply with ACGIH and OSHA standards as well as local PCB Standards.

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All Apzem Products are minimum one year waranted for performance and quality.

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